Come What May

The forecast of snow is putting a huge damper on my weekend plans. My fiance and I are celebrating our 7-year anniversary tomorrow and we have plans to visit the Brandywine Valley for a wine tour, followed by a dinner at a nearby restaurant. However, with the snow accumulation anticipated for our area thanks to an incoming Nor’ Easter, I’m nervous our special day may need to be put on hold. Here’s to hoping the flurries hold off until late Friday evening, but if they don’t we’ll just have to adapt. I’m sure whatever we settle on, the day will still be an enjoyable one.

The point of this blog is that sometimes, bad things happen that are out of everyone’s control and when they happen, there is nothing to do but make the best of the situation. At our full-service advertising agency, our custom programmers, graphic designers, and video technicians have become adept at doing just this. Even with the best project plan, scopes change or unforeseen hurdles arise and it is our job as an interactive medical and corporate marketing and advertising agency to deal with these obstacles as efficiently as possible. To put it simply, our staff is comprised of a team of problem solvers to ensure development of our clients projects–whether it be a medical eLearning platform or search engine optimized website–continues on to arrive where everyone wants to be–completion.