Communication is Key

Proper communication is vital for the health of any organization. This is especially true here at Dynamic Digital Advertising. As a full-service advertising agency that caters to the specific needs of clients and delivers projects that encompass the full spectrum of digital advertising, communication is our lifeline to success.

Not only do we need to establish proper communication pathways with our clients, but we must also establish proper correspondence amongst ourselves. Spearheading a project without this vital aspect would be like navigating a winding street in the dark with no headlights. We must establish what the needs are, communicate efficiently amongst the staff assigned to the project, and continue with ongoing check ups to ensure the project remains on course.

This is why DDA has developed a structured communication and approval system that produces a streamlined, informed, and efficient production process. Inevitably, there may be miscommunications and hiccups along the way, but my job as a project coordinator is to avoid these instances as much is possible.