Confront the Unknown

Brave is an adjective I would not use to describe myself. I’ve recently planned a trip to California and though I look forward to the activities, I dread the flight. I also have an unhealthy fear of stink bugs and as they are quite prevalent in the PA area, I have resorted to duct tapping my window and door crevices as a means to keep the scary creatures out. But I’ve come to realize, maintaining these fears are a hindrance to me. If I don’t fly, I limit my exposure to exciting places and people. If I duck and cover every time a bug is in my general vicinity, I miss out on my surroundings, not to mention, look quite strange to passersby. So, my goal is to try and conquer my fears, and if not conquer them, try my hardest to confront them.

This ability to delve into areas I may not be comfortable with is necessary to achieve. As a creative copywriter that generates material for brochures, medical and corporate video scripts, and online optimized pages of content, you must never hesitate when delving into a subject matter or genre you aren’t exactly at ease with. One day I may be writing content for jewelry, the next on building envelopes, but though a topic may seem foreign, with the proper research and attention to fulfilling the needs of the client and the market, your efforts will surely be successful.

The same notion applies to all associates here at DDA. As Elizabeth has stated many a time, “There is no shallow end at DDA.” You must swim and continue to swim or you may quickly find yourself sinking to the bottom of the pool. So confront your fears and you most likely will emerge unscathed and glad of the challenge.