Controlling the Outcome

Everyday we are faced with decisions. So many in fact that I cannot fathom the number. From deciding what time to set your alarm to settling on a recipe, each minute is filled with a slew of thought processes that have a direct affect on the outcomes we experience. Now of course, controlling an outcome is not possible and as a Project Coordinator here at our full-service advertising agency, I often wish I had this power. I, like every DDA Staffer, am concerned with my client’s satisfaction. To ensure this, much effort is put forth by our entire crew. The degreed graphic designers painstaking tweak typography, alignment, and color hues to arrive at a design that is sure to please. DDA Medical’s team of professional animators develops three-dimensional models, applies shading and coloration, and perfects movement to achieve life-like medical simulations. Technical copywriters rework sentences, carefully research topics, and construct keyword-rich phrases that are a pleasure to read but also enormously beneficial in terms of search engine optimization. The list goes on but the point rests in our dedication. No, we cannot control the reactions of our clients but by consistently delivering top-notch customer service and quality products, more often than not, satisfaction is the common outcome.