Copywriting: Round Three-Ding! Ding!

As an advertising copywriter, thick skin is a job requirement. Oftentimes many hours are spent coming up with what you think are the right words, the right tone, and the right cadence, only to find out what you’ve accomplished is not what the client desires. So that means it’s on to round two or three of revisions.

Whether your assignment is for website copywriting, catalog copywriting, video scriptwriting, or brochure copywriting, the goal is to reach content that conveys the meaning our clients envision. Sometimes achieving this is easier said than done. Without proper communication between client and writer, there is understandably a disconnect in the content produced.

Some clients know exactly what they are looking for, others turn to us for guidance, but in both instances it is our job to achieve an end result that fits. If that means several rounds of revisions than so be it. It’s our job and it has to be done. So creative and online copywriters have to learn not to take criticism personally. It’s part of the job description.