Curing the Work Jitters

With so much happening at once, it’s easy to become overwhelmed and loose focus. Yesterday I caught myself staring blankly at my computer screen unsure of what project, email, or phone call to handle next. It is safe to say I was a little overwhelmed and consequently lost my working rhythm. This is a major “No, no” here at DDA. As a full-service advertising agency that handles a plethora of projects at a single time, a graphic designer, creative copywriter, and programmer must carefully juggle a heavy workload with ease and efficiency.

No time can be wasted. So when I find myself sinking beneath the workload and freezing, I’ve learned to take a deep breathe, organize my thoughts with a quick handwritten agenda, and press on. If that doesn’t cure the jitters, taking an early lunch break or making a quick cup of hot chocolate or mint tea usually does the trick.

Time—it can definitely become an unwelcome presence if not managed properly. My day must be divided among seo copywriting, script writing, new business development, project coordination, and more depending upon the workload. So knowing how to cope with stress and regroup is vital for continued work efficiency. So hopefully after a deep cleansing breathe and a hot cup of tea, I’ll be ready to move on. If not, I have a bag of stress reducing tricks I’ve compiled over the years. One is bound to work and there will be no more blank and worried stares. There is too much to do and a long list of creative copywriting tasks awaiting my attention. So on with the work, stress and all!