Da A-Team: Others Simply Can’t Compare

This weekend I had a harsh reminder of why certain things are better carried out as a team rather than as individuals. In celebration of my girlfriend’s upcoming nuptials, I embarked on a bachelorette weekend down the shore. On Saturday, the weather was cloudy and I made the mistake of delaying the application of suntan lotion. After an hour or two on the sand, I decided it might be a good idea to apply  some Coppertone. Unfortunately, my beach companion had  called it quits and I was left to my own devices. Needless to say, I now have attractive white hand prints on my back outlined by tender masses of red flesh. Yes, certain things are most certainly better handled by teams.

At DDA, we are all about teamwork. Each department is spearheaded by a lead and beneath them is a staff of dedicated professionals eager to tackle any task, but our work is never solitary. When a creative copywriter finishes a page of search engine optimized website content, it is given to a fellow writer to ensure content integrity and grammatical accuracy. When a complex code is integrated into an interactive website, fellow DDAers check all functionality to ensure quality control. And when a project requires the talents of several team members, DDA’s staff of professional programmers, graphic designers, SEO specialists, animators, and video technicians work in tandem to create end products that are far from ordinary.

No, a client of DDA never has to place all faith in the hands of one talented individual, but rather in a team whose talents when combined together, are unmatched.