DDA: Providing The Solution to Your Flash Compatibility Dilemas

To make your website as engaging and eye-catching as possible, you put to use Flash technology for videos, animations, banners, scrolls, and other interactive features. But did you know that all your hard work will equate to little more than an incompatibility message when your website is viewed on the ever-popular iPad or iPhone? That’s right, the hot device that has found its way into the pockets and hands of countless of consumers does not support the platform on which your site is based. So what are you going to do about it? The answer to this question is simple: turn to the professionals with the knowledge, experience and know-how to convert flash-based features into formats that are compatible with Apple products. Using HTML5 and X-code, DDA, the AppleSavvy technicians, convert and create engaging websites and applications that are designed with iPhone and iPad use in mind.

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