Determined to Produce

Yesterday I did not finalize the items on my task list that I hoped to achieve. As a project coordinator at a busy full-service advertising agency, it is easy to fall behind on writing assignments. An email here a phone call there, meetings peppered throughout the day, and brainstorming to address a problem or request quickly devour the day’s hours and eliminate the plan you had to finalize a script for a product video or pages of search engine optimized copy.

Today, however, I am determined to achieve. When I have a day like yesterday, I exam what items took too much time and work to streamline the process. Next time I am presented with a similar problem, I will have a plan in place for quick action, leaving time for my creative copywriting responsibilities.  With such a varied list of clients and responsibilities, a choppy day is inevitable, but it is my job  to minimize delays as much as possible.

After all, DDA’s foundation of solid production lies with streamlined  processes that yield consistently high-end results and we all have a responsibility to adhere to this business philosophy.