Digesting Big Concepts

Today, I had a glimpse of the DDA programming realm. Not in the technical aspect, but in the conceptual. As I mentioned in previous blog entries, our intranet programmers are working to formulate a central tool that will streamline all internal processes.  This is easier said than done. We all have grand ideas of how the intranet will function, but before implementing functionality, boundaries must be established.

Programming is not like creative copywriting. If I have an idea, I can ramble on and quickly add sentences and remove unnecessary copy with ease. This is not the case for programming. One process is dependent upon the other. Change one criteria and you’ll have to alter all related functionalities. Now, it is unrealistic to say we’ll not need any changes once programming has commenced, but establishing the guts of the system and functionality is a must. Without doing so, countless of hours will be spent adjusting and re-adjusting code. The goal is to do things right the first time around and not the second, third, fourth, or fifth.

In the beginning of any project, establishing process flows and functionality can be a dizzying experience. But with the knowledge of what programming staples work best and a clear understanding of what the desired end result should be, laying the firm foundations of any programming project is possible.