Directing for Optimal Results

Recently, my projects have largely dealt with the design and development of corporate or medical videos for promotional and instructional purposes. When we think of what goes into the creation of a CD-ROM or DVD, we immediately think of script development, video design, and acting, but what many overlook is the importance of screen action development and storyboarding. Sure, you can hand over a script to an actor and rely on their talents to move the right way, pause at appropriate sections, and utilize appropriate props, but at DDA we are not in the practice of taking that risk. Though the many actors featured in our Actor’s Network are seasoned professional, we map out every screen action to ensure our clients are satisfied with the end result. From breath indicators to camera angles and body movement, DDA’s creative copywriters and video technicians work together to generate scripts and screen directions that are sure to yield deliveries that are smooth, interesting, and appropriate for the targeted audience.

As we routinely use green screen technology and layer actors on top of animated and illustrated environments, adequate planning is even more important. To see an example, just check out the work DDA Corporate and Medical Training did for our website. The actor was filmed on green screen and later, in post production, integrated into an environment complete with a pool and a trained seal. As there are many interactions between the actor and animated seal, the outcome could have been disappointing if it weren’t for the careful planning that took place to generate realistic video environments. The simple fact is DDA is fanatical about quality and we take every step to ensure every project–big or small–satisfies our team’s high standard of production.