Dousing Panic with a Solid Plan

The official start of the shopping season always seems to bring with it frustration. And this frustration can easily be observed in people’s driving patterns. On Friday I took a trip to the mall to watch a movie and nearly got run over by an impatient driver in the parking lot. And this morning, I watched an angry woman weave in and out of traffic and unleash a series of dramatic hand expressions to only advance one car length further than the calm drivers. Yes, it is that time of year when shopping stresses turn the masses into Grinches. It is a behavior I never quite understood as panic and anger only seem to worsen any situation.

At DDA, we do our best to stay calm as we’ve learned with experience, the best results are a product of patient and careful development. We routinely boast the claim that we never miss a deadline and that has a lot to do with our planning process. At the start of each project–be it a medical eLearning tool, corporate spokesperson video, or brochure–we inquire about deadlines and set in place a time line of deliverables to meet the requested delivery date. We then take many steps to complete the whole and combine our efforts to surpass both the expectation of quality and the expectation of timeliness. If a requested development period is unreasonable, we’ll let you know so there are no surprises when the impossible is not achieved but at DDA and each one of our divisions, we like to think that achieving the impossible is what we are good at.