Establishing a Voice

I am currently coordinating several projects for a correctional healthcare provider in preparation for an upcoming trade show event in Chicago. Our talented staff of video specialists, designers, and professional copywriters have just wrapped up the production of a trade show graphic, brochure, business card, and are nearly complete with a five-minute spokesperson video. It is the type of project we love here at our full-service advertising agency.  As a start up company, our client was lacking a corporate identity, giving our staff free-reign in terms of establishing a visual and written voice. I am confident that the end result will be one that the client can be proud of and will provide a strong marketing foundation as they build their brand in the years to come.

The four pieces work effectively alone, but tell a story when presented together–a quality that all good marketing efforts should have. Our aim is to create strong messages that register with a target audience, are catchy and memorable but doing so is easier said than done. Our process is an involved one. Multiple concepts are issued and refinements carried out until we arrive at a result that fulfills not only our client’s expectations, but our own. What’s more, our team achieved all of this in record time–just over a span of 2-weeks.