Explain the Complex with a CD-ROM

DDA is currently working on a CD-ROM for a medical device manufacturer. Once finished, the end product should serve as an invaluable training tool for users of a complicated  device. The flash animation specialists, graphic design artists, and creative copywriters have pulled their talents together when working on this project. From the initial wire-frames outlining the content to the preliminary design concepts, the CD-ROM is starting to take shape and looks to hold a promising outcome.

Like many companies, this particular client realized the importance of a medical training program. The initial investment far out-weighs the time that would be required by either a training force or a human resources department. With well thought out content development, imagery, and video elements, learning even the most complex of subject matter is made  easy.

This particular Medical training CD-ROM features tracking programming and testing, so not only will the users of this device benefit, but the managers as well. With one glance administrators can identify who hasn’t taken the course, who is struggling with the quiz, and who needs additional training to understand proper procedures.

You too should realize the potential of a corporate or medical training program.