Falling back on procedure

Around 7pm last night, a circuit manufacturer near my home caught fire. Clouds of black smoke billowed into the air and blanketed my neighborhood. After tripping over a few fences and averting several Police officers, my Aunt and I found ourselves directly across the street from the burning manufacturer. The roof was engulfed in flames while firefighters from three townships scurried to get the situation under control. In a few short minutes, the effort turned from a ground one to an aerial one as ladders outfitted with hoses squirted gallons upon gallons of water to diminish the flame.  By 10:30pm, the fire was classified as under control. It was fascinating to see the emergency response team in action. Though I am sure they’ve been trained for such situations, it’s not everyday that a factory containing highly-combustible chemical materials burns in a small neighborhood, but the situation was handled with caution and seeming expertise. From the messages to close all windows and shut off air conditioners  to the closing of streets, every precaution was taken to ensure the community’s safety. It was truly a testament to the importance of procedure.

At DDA Medical, each day is chuck-full of procedures. Whether we are preparing for the launch of an e-commerce website or starting a complex medical training program, each task, no matter the size, has a proven set of steps. These policies are a result of years of digital advertising experience and make our services streamlined, affordable, and effective. No, we are not putting out fires here at DDA, but we certainly strive to meet every deadline and request by implementing smooth operating procedures and by providing quality services.