Field of Keywords

My garden at home is swarming with purple, red, and pink tulips. We planted the bulbs last Fall and almost forgot about them until this Spring, when tiny green stems emerged. This robust display of flowers brought my mind back to work. Like the planting of perennial bulbs, search engine optimized copy yields years upon years of healthy search engine standings with proper care and maintenance. Through extensive search engine marketing research to determine how the public searches, the appropriate keywords are utilized to raise your company’s standing to the first pages of Google.

The creative and online copywriters here at DDA plant keywords into market focused copy to ensure search engine spiders find your site and post it for users to access. The challenge is to generate copy that does not sound clumsy and over-worded as a result of keyword usage. Like any art form, the quality of search engine optimized copy improves with practice and experience and as DDA has specialized in creating websites that rank well since its origin, the DDA copywriters are well-versed at achieving content that is at once readable and search engine friendly.

But like any avid gardener knows, planting is just the start of a successful garden. On-going pruning, watering, and weeding are needed to ensure continued growth. The same holds true for websites. In order to remain competitive, constant maintenance is required. This is where DDA’s team of search engine marketing specialists come in, tweaking alt text, coding, descriptions, and more to maintain the health of the site. To achieve a beneficial site that remains so for years, takes dedication and continued work, and DDA is the team willing to make that commitment.