Find Me a Good Coffee Thermos

Why is it that every coffee thermos I own leaks horribly? I have not one, not two, not three, but four thermoses and not a single one produces a good enough seal to keep the coffee in. I find myself taking daily trips to the bathroom after coffee dribbles down the front of my shirt. You’d think they’d test the product first to prevent something like this from happening. I mean, come on!

That is why the proofing process here at DDA is an extensive one. Not only do the creative and online copywriters, admin and database programmers, videographers, and SEO specialists check and re-check their work, a second set of eyes always passes through all material with a fine-tooth comb. Whether it be a corporate or medical video, CD-ROM, training program, or custom brochure, great care is taken to avoid silly mistakes.

Our clients deserve a top-notch product and we are committed to maintaining an unwavering standard of quality with every project we undertake. So, continue proofing fellow DDAers! I know if our team was behind thermos creation, there would be no dribbling!