Finding a Way

Yesterday my fiance and I took advantage of the beautiful weather and spent the day at Peace Valley Park. We rode our bikes and rented a paddle boat to explore the lake. While making our way around the bike loop, we spied a mother jogging down the street while pushing her baby and simultaneously talking on her cell phone. A fellow paddle boater was struggling to steer while precariously balancing a video camera to capture the scenery. Looking around, it seemed the presence of portable electronic devices were just as prevalent as dogs on leashes.

I admit it, I am rarely found without a cellphone myself. In fact, if I don’t have it I feel a bit vulnerable. The use of technology is undoubtedly tightly woven within the fabric of our daily lives. And as our trip to the park proved, even during activities you wouldn’t necessarily expect.

A client of ours seems to have recognized this and is exploring the possibility of a point of sale video that is accessible via a web-enabled device such as a cell phone. With one quick dial of a number, potential consumers can view product specs and benefits. As a full-service advertising agency that considers ourselves pioneering, we get very excited when new and innovative ideas such as these are presented to our team.Unlike many organizations that stick to what they know, we embrace the unknown and perform the research needed to establish a plan of action.

To stay relevant with the changing times and technologies, one must always look to the future and DDA makes this a daily practice.