Finding Efficiency

Busy? Yes, I certainly am. Since 8am this morning, I’ve been on the go. I was shocked when I looked at the clock and found that nearly half my day had lapsed, but this shock of time slipping by is not an abnormality at DDA. There is always a long lists of “To Dos” and as we all know, time races when effectively used. Before you know it, what sounds like a long and arduous 10-hour day passes by as if it were a 4-hour day.

Today especially is quite frenzied for me. From the moment I walked through the DDA doors, our new freelancer was awaiting my attention. Then came a slew of internal meetings to hash out project courses of action, an interactive site kick-off meeting, email catch-ups, site proofing, and content plan development. I bet the next time I look at the clock it’ll be almost time to go and I’ll be grasping for every minute.

Time efficiency. It is something I am constantly striving to improve as a Project Coordinator and Creative Copywriter. I haven’t found the perfect solution as of yet, but that wont stop me from trying.