Finding Inspiration In Friends

As an advertising copywriter, accessing the creative portion of the brain is a must. In fact, for most of the staff here at DDA, being able to create is a job requirement. With that said, I find myself constantly looking towards my coworkers for inspiration when I’ve seemed to have lost my own. Inevitably a stellar brochure design, website graphic, or page of copy will re-spark my creative mind and the words will flow.

This has always been the case for me. I remember in my not so distant college years producing the best work when first consulting with fellow classmates. One creative writing class in particular fueled my writing initiative. The class was small, with at most 13 students . Every week we sat in a circle and shared our work. Seeing how different individuals approached a piece proved an invaluable experience. I learned from others’ strengths and improved upon my weaknesses. The same goes for the copywriters here at DDA.

One of my favorite responsibilities here at DDA is proofing. Like the weekly critiques in my creative writing course, I am able to explore my fellow copywriters’ approach to their art form. Whether it be a search engine optimized piece of copy or a brochure or video script, there is always something to learn.