Finding Sunshine In Creative Copywriting

I was once asked whether or not I’d prefer to live in a state of perpetual overcast weather conditions with warm temperatures or live in an environment that is always sunny but cold. My immediate response was neither, but having to pick one or the other, I chose overcast but warm. Today, however, I am rethinking this decision. It is only 4:30pm and the sun is quickly slipping behind the horizon and along with it, my mood. I miss the days of prolonged sunshine. Not that long ago, I could be found enjoying a long walk or bike ride after work, but now the uninviting dark has confined me to the indoors.

Thankfully for me and the rest of DDA, we practice a four-day work week. Instead of two days to enjoy the sunshine, we have three! In the interium, I’ll pull my mind away from the dark early evening and immerse myself in creative copywriting duties. Unlike many occupations, my job allows me to leave reality and enter the world of my subject matter. Today, it was engagement rings, tomorrow it is portable technology. My time will be occupied, preventing me from peeking outdoors but if I do, I just have to remind myself of my lucky three-day situation that all my five-day working friends are jealous of. Yes, its good to be a DDAer.