Finding the Bright Side

Yesterday, I received the unfortunate news that my 17-year old cousin, Ryan had suffered a stroke due to a blood clot that moved into the main artery responsible for supplying the brain stem’s blood supply. I rushed to the hospital just in time to hear the happy news that the doctors had successfully performed surgery and removed the dangerous clot. In a massive collective sigh of relief, my family formed an enormous group hug.

What was most touching to me was my younger brother’s response. Since my Mom’s unexpected death in May, he has rarely cried or shown emotion. But upon hearing the wonderful news of my cousin’s successful surgery, he broke down with tears of joy and told me, “Elise, it worked! I prayed and hoped for everything to be OK, and it is!”

After the death of a loved one, it is easy to lose an optimistic outlook, so hearing that my little brother had not lost his was a great comfort. Though I am still young, the most important life lesson I’ve learned in my brief 24 years is to maintain a hopeful outlook. No, you can not control the events that life may bring you, but always reaching to see the brighter side of all situations is a must. If not, it is easy to spiral into a prolonged state of anger and sadness, and who needs that?

Now, I myself haven’t always followed this important life lesson. As a teenager I often blew the littlest events out of proportion and found a way to stress about everything, but as I’ve aged and experienced more, I’ve learned to stop, take a deep breath and appreciate what I have; a wonderful family, health, a hilarious fiance and a happy home.

This outlook has helped me not only in my personal life but in my professional one as well. As a creative and online copywriter and project coordinator, things do not always go as planed and there may be hic-ups in the forecast, but dwelling on the bad will get you nowhere. You take the criticism and you learn and adapt. In the end, you’ll deliver a search engine optimized website, custom corporate or medical video, brochure, or tradeshow display of exceptional quality.

Through the time I have spent as an employee of DDA, it seems the whole team seems to maintain this outlook as well. The graphic designers, programmers, SEO specialists, copywriters, and video technicians thrive on constructive criticism and adapt to the needs of the client to reach an end result that exceeds expectations.