Finding your voice

Last night my fiance and I caught up on a TV series that we have missed as a result of the ongoing baseball series. We watched three episodes in total and I was amazed how each took on a completely different feel. I would not be surprised to find out that the episodes were either directed or written by unique individuals. In a certain episode, the lines seemed more campy and juvenile, whereas in others, the scripts were brief and the overall affect more a result of facial expressions and body language. Overall, I found the disjointed feel of the episodes bothersome and the fact that we watched them all in succession made the differences even more apparent.

As a professional copywriter, one of the most pivital aspects to master is your writing voice. This is not to say that it can’t change, but it is important to maintain a consistent style when working on a single project. Here at DDA, a full-service digital advertising agency, it is not uncommon for the creative copywriters to meld their writing style around a particular topic. As our client base is varied, we find ourselves writing content for industrial corporations, medical institutions, and businesses of all categories, both big and small. That said, it is important that we change our writing style to best fit the audience that will be reading the material, but it is important that the style remain the same throughout the piece–be it a direct mail campaign, series of brochures, or a search engine optimized website.

So if a strong and consistent advertising message is what you’re looking for, turn to the professionals at DDA where our goal is to craft the perfect voice for your campaign and maintain that voice for effective results.