First, Secure the Foundation

Last Thursday I finally got the chance to see the inside of the house my fiance and I obtained at a Sheriff’s sale auction over a month ago.  Due to the nature of the sale, we missed out on the typical house-buying experience. There was no walk-through and no inspection; instead we had to assess the quality of the house from the outside. With our noses pressed against every accessible window, we made the decision to move forward. So, when walking through the front door, I found myself full of anxiety and excitement.Though in need of some major TLC, I am happy with our decision. The bones of the house are strong and that’s what matters.

The challenge now is making a plan of attack. My first instincts are to address the aesthetics but as my fiance keeps reminding me, this step comes last. First we must address the fundamentals. The walls need insulation, the bathroom a major rehabbing, and the roof raised.The list is long and quite frankly, overwhelming, but I have faith that in the not so distant future, I will be able to pick the paint colors, window dressings, and flooring.

I can draw a parallel with my excitement to get started and my eagerness to skip the dirty work with work here at DDA. Though our specialty is in corporate and medical marketing, video, and eLearning development, the graphic designers, custom programmers, and video specialists are like builders in many ways. We all want to see the end result quickly, but we must pull back and focus on the foundation. With a website, that is a well-designed menu structure. With a medical product launch video, it’s a carefully-crafted storyboard and with a custom programmed database, it’s a process plan. Once these vital fundamentals are solidly set in place, we can progress to the fun stuff and have confidence that a solid structure is backing every DDA project.