Forward Motion

Writing search engine optimized copy or content for a brochure or video script can often times be like riding a bike for the first time. Your initial attempt may result in a crash and some bumps and bruises but eventually you’ll find your rhythm and continue on your way. For every project, whether it be a brochure that our graphic designers have developed and our copywriters have written, or a custom medical video, several revisions may be needed before the perfect variation is achieved. The graphics must convey the proper message, the content must speak to the appropriate audience, and the marketing themes must be fresh and effective. At DDA’s full-service advertising agency, we aim to please and that is why we continually work to deliver an end product our clients can be proud to display.

From the initial kick-off meeting to the subsequent correspondences, our goal is to seek your input and assess your needs in order to deliver the results you crave. And like a determined child set on conquering his bike riding blunders, the DDA team will quickly adapt to your desires and deliver the website, brochure, or video you’ve envisioned.

As a Project Coordinator, I have overseen the completion of many a project and have been witness to the videographers’, animators’, graphic designers’, and copywriters’ ability to adapt to clients and projects. Our initial copy or designs may be close to what you have envisioned, but a minor adjustment may be needed here and there.  This is why the DDA streamlined approach to production is so effective. We seek client input and approval every step of the way. We do not move forward unless the client is comfortable, therefore the end product is guaranteed to be exactly what was initially sought after. In the beginning their may be a few wobbles, but balance and progress will certainly be achieved.