Full-Service Capabilities

Today we have a meeting with a long-time client to discuss the development of a secure client portal and I have to say I am excited. This particular client is great to work with. Over the span of our partnership, DDA has created trade show booths, brochures, corporate spokesperson videos, and a search engine optimized website. To take a cue from one of graphic designer’s food-inspired blogs, getting the opportunity to build a sophisticated client portal and database would be the icing on the cake of our partnership . Through the work we have completed for this particular client in the past, we have proved our capabilities as an interactive marketing and advertising agency, but not so much as a full-service  programming service provider. This project, should they choose to move forward, would be the perfect means of doing so.

DDA’s programming department is lead by our senior programmer, Amy whose analytical and logical mind is perfectly suited to tackling programming challenges. She is then backed up by a supporting staff that shares her same vigor and passion for problem solving. Whether a client comes to us with an intranet eLearning RFQ or a custom eCommerce cart with complex table schemes, DDA’s staff can handle the challenge. It’s what they do.