Full-service Digital Technolgies

If you examine today’s retail arena, you will see that niche businesses are fading out to be replaced with mega stores like Costco, Walmart, and BJ’s. What was once a process that involved trips to various specialty stores, is now a one-stop excursion to the neighborhood Target  where food, clothes, electronics, household items, and more can be snagged with little more effort than perusing the next aisle. When it comes to convenience this new format cannot be beat, but when it comes to service and product knowledge, I am in the opinion that mega stores leave much to be desired.

At our full-service advertising agency,  we pride ourselves in being the source for all things digital. From interactive website design and development to complex 2D and 3D medical animations, it can all be done right here by our staff of degreed and capable artists. But unlike a mega retail store where the product is plentiful but the service is lacking, DDA Corp and DDA Medical are passionate about the quality of our service. For our team of graphic designers, video technicians, professional copywriters, animators, custom programmers, and SEO specialists, it’s not just about offering a competitive price, it’s about delivering the best product possible. In short, we bring to the table affordability, exceptional service, and breadth in capability for  convenience and quality that cannot be found elsewhere.