Get Broken In

On a typical day, I traverse up and down the stairs quite often. Today, however, I am cemented to my office chair. Why? Because my legs, to be frank, are killing me. My girlfriends and I have started a Sunday excursion that involves some sort of outdoor activity if the weather permits. Last week it was a 20-mile bike ride and this week, a hike through High Rocks.  As the name implies, the trek was rocky and involved  several steep inclines. So it came as no surprise to me this morning that I was barely able to hobble to the bathroom. My quads are not happy with me nor I with them. Here’s to hoping that with the increased  frequency of these Sunday trips, the aftermath will be less painful as my muscles get acclimated to use.

Uncomfortable outcomes are the norm for any new situation. Whether you are a new employee or a seasoned professional undertaking an alien task, mistakes are bound to occur and as a result less than ideal outcomes are to be expected. But as is the case with repeat exercise, activities get easier once they become part of a routine. Put your employees through a rigorous workout with corporate and medical eLearning platforms designed and developed by technology-based training experts, DDA Medical.

Before ever touching an expensive piece of equipment or executing a complex medical procedure, trainees can fine-tune their skill-sets in a safe virtual environment. As a result, employees will feel confident in their abilities, resulting in a proficient and competent work force. Contact DDA today to learn how our staff of degreed copywriters, animators, programmers, video technicians, and artists combine their capabilities to provide a comprehensive service offering of industry-leading eLearning technologies, including but not limited to:

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