Getting to know you…

As one of several project coordinators, I serve as the central point of contact for the projects in which I am involved. When a client is in need of a site update, I am the person they contact. I then turn to one of the many talented members of our staff for the execution of the task.  With all of the emails and phone calls that go back and forth between DDAs clients and myself, I feel as if I’ve become close with many of these individuals. In fact, it is one of the aspects of my job that I enjoy most. Some clients are uber professional whereas others are conversational and lighthearted. Some are crazy prompt with feedback when others take their time. The challenge is adjusting your approach to match the style of the client. We strive to maintain healthy rapports with everyone we work with and a large part of that is in how we choose to communicate.

For some clients I find myself writing detailed reports explaining the action and reasoning for each task. For other clients, they’d prefer a brief one-liner confirming an assignment has been complete. Getting to these final methods of communication takes a bit of time, but after working with someone for quite awhile, it becomes easy.

So, what kind of client are you? Just know at DDA, we appreciate you all and you have our guarantee of attentive service.