Giving Thanks

Yesterday, my brother became a first-time father. Brady David Massinger was born at 8:59am weighing in at a healthy 7lbs, 11oz. After work, I rushed to pick up my little brother and began the trek to Lehigh Valley Hospital. Although visitor hours were only until 8 O’Clock, it was very important that I make it  there to share my congratulations. Unfortunately, I did not get to see little Brady for myself as he was taken to the NICU for an IV, but I did get to see my proud brother and glowing sister-in-law. It shocked me how peppy they both were after a 30-hour labor. My Dad, who had been their for an hour or so, beamed with joy as he welcomed in his second grandchild and first grandson. As he often does, he spouted words of wisdom and stories of our childhood.

While he spoke, I listened, reminiscing about my happy childhood and wondering how we all grew up so quickly. My eldest brother is now expecting his second child, my middle brother just had his first, and my youngest brother recently started his first job. It seems like only yesterday we all still lived at home, ate dinner together, and fought over who got to sit shotgun. Now, we are planning our futures and beginning to start families of our own.

As I sat there, I was reminded of a note given to me after my mom’s passing. It stated that there will come a time when you look back on memories and feel joy and not sorrow. This was one of those times. We were all together, celebrating the birth of a new Massinger because we care strongly for one another–a trait instilled in us by my mom and dad. Yes, she is no longer with us, but I felt her presence so strongly last night, more so than I have since she unexpectedly left us. We were carrying on her traditions. My Dad brought a Baby’s first Christmas ornament, something my mom would have done. I carried on the task of messenger by calling all extended family members to inform them of the good news. And most importantly, we all possess many of her good qualities. I know my brother will be a great father because he had an excellent example in my Mom and Dad.

So today, despite a nasty cold, I feel good performing my tasks here at our full-service advertising agency.  Thanks Mom for doing such a good job! I am grateful for every minute you gave me.