Go For It

Last night I did what I enjoy most, spending time with family. We took advantage of the gorgeous weather and had an outback dinner of chicken and scallop shish kabobs. While waiting for the food to finish up, I joined my brother and cousin on the trampoline. Though I am 25 years old, I find little shame in participating in activities that many consider too youthful. I guess it runs in the family as my 40-something Aunt joined in on the fun. I only hope that when I reach that age and beyond, I will still be enjoying the activities life has to offer. Too often, people restrict their actions in an effort to put on airs. Yes, you may look composed and intelligent, but are you having fun? To that I say, “go for it,” a mantra my grandfather routinely relayed when questioned for advise. Don’t longingly look at a trampoline, get on there and try a flip. Who cares if your effort looks more like a belly-flop. Get out there, enjoy yourself and have fun.

Looking at DDA’s time line, you can see it is a follower of this very belief. DDA did not start out as a full-service advertising agency, but has grown over the years to offer services that span the digital arena. How did they get here? By answering a desire to try new things. When a new technology emerged, the workers of DDA did not stick to what they knew, but put their resources into everything they could to expand and improve their service offerings. Yes, I’m sure there may have been some belly-flops like my trampoline flip attempts, but after research and persistent effort, they found their stride in new avenues of technology. This very same philosophy continues on today. In fact, we talked about the development of a mobile technologies website. In five years time, I wouldn’t be surprised to see DDA double its services because they are not afraid to take risks and indulge their wants and desires.

DDA: website design and development specialists, eCommerce programmers, video technicians, photographers,  interactive experts, SEO masters, trampoline jumpers, and much much more.