Good Medicine

After what was easily the hardest week of my existence and a low blow from life, I am returning to work and glad for it. The day’s hours will be spent performing project coordination  and creative and online copywriting duties. Thankfully, my mind will be kept busy and a small sense of normalcy restored. Though I have been gone for a week, my fellow DDAers have made my return a smooth one. My projects were closely monitored and my clients needs addressed, making this Monday no different from any other Monday.

Though putting my mind back to work is a plus, the biggest benefit of returning is being amongst my co-workers. DDA’s team of Copywriters, Graphic Designers, Programmers, Videographers, and SEO Specialists are unbelievably fabulous. Not only are they talented and good at what they do, they are wonderful people and great friends.

So, thank you all.  Your support, warm wishes, hugs, and plush lemur (Debbie)   mean the world to me and is just the medicine I need.