Hey Time, What’s the Rush?

It is shocking how quickly time passes. July is wrapping up and what seemed like a distant August is hurrily approaching. Before I know it, my brother will need me to help him go back-to-school shopping, my sister-in-law will be about to burst, and I will happily welcome my much awaited nephew.

At times I wish I could grab Father Time by the reigns and pull back with hopes of slowing the pace, but stopping him is not an option. So, I have to keep up not only with personal events but with the work agenda. Deadlines must be met.

Today, I will finalize the intro of a medical CD-ROM training tutorial. Then I will start a content plan for a client of ours. Later this week I must finish 4 pages of search engine optimized copy. So back to work I go, it is already 10 and I can’t let Time win the race.