Honest Evaluation

For those who have followed my blogs recently, I’m sure it will come as no surprise that a majority of my weekend was spent demolishing our house. After three long weeks of wall-bashing, plumbing removal, and layout sketching, the completion of phase one is within sight. I am especially happy about this as deconstructing is not my favorite thing. I get a thrill out of putting things back together and seeing tangible signs of progress but alas we could not work on the improvements without first removing the faults.

This notion holds true for corporate and medical website design and development. Many times prospect clients will come to our full-service advertising agency  in search of a quick fix. Either their site’s presence is non-existent on major search engines like Google or they want sticky additions to existing websites that will captivate their viewing audience. But the reality is slapping a flashy exterior over a bad structure will get you no where as building and maintaining websites are a lot like building a house. First, a menu structure must be decided upon that is based on user search patterns, keywords, navigation, and usability. Then, a design is applied and content developed that targets the keywords your core audience is utilizing. Lastly, there’s maintenance. Like any unmaintained structure, a website will lose its visual and functional strengths. So, when you are in the market to revamp your website, first honestly evaluate what exists. Is the structure and design strong and worth saving or, is it time to start from scratch and rebuild?