Honing Your Craft

On Sunday I attended the PA Renaissance Faire’s production of Poe Evermore. We enjoyed the classic tales of the The Tell-Tale Heart, Berenice, and The System of Doctor Tarr and Professor Fether.  When I approached the bar for a refreshment, I knew right of the bat that the experience was going to be an interesting one. Instead of your typical bar attendant, I was served by a shrill woman in period clothing with questionable sanity. At first I thought little of it, but when a man flaunting a straight jacket ran past me, I realized all attendants-myself included- were actors in the play. No, this was not going to be your typical play-going experience where you can sit quietly in your chair-we were forced to participate whether we liked it or not.

The first show, Berenice, was held in the front parlor room. The actor addressed us all as “Doctor.” While waiting for people to take their seats, he questioned us, asking  about our “patient histories” and ” our experience in the mental health arena.” Hoping to avoid an exchange, I avoided eye-contact but he questioned me anyway. Not able to think of anything on the fly, I simply stated that “I practiced strict adherence to Doctor patient confidentiality,” and could not share any information regarding my patients’ history. That worked, he moved on to another nervous audience goer. When the play finally began, I was in awe of the actor’s ability to morph. He started as a composed individual and deteriorated into a psychotic monomaniac, obsessed with his cousin’s teeth. Due to the nature of the experience, I felt like I was a part of the scenes unfolding before me. The actor had truly mastered his craft and I wondered the amount of time he dedicated to forming the character’s mannerisms, voice inflections, and appearance.

After considering this for a bit, I came to realize the actor’s process was most-likely not that far removed from our own here at Dynamic Digital Advertising. As a full-service agency that delivers a slew of services that range from graphic designs to creative copywriting, the staff too must hone their skills as an advertising professional. Like the actor researches a character, we must understand the ins and outs of the product or service we are aiming to advertise. We tweak website aesthetics, brochure designs, and tradeshow displays until the colors and visuals convey the perfect message. We work and rework scripts and pages of search engine optimized copy to find the right words to effectively convey a business’ voice and services. We edit  footage to create engaging videos that feature exciting visuals and audio effects. No, we are not the ones featured on stage like the actor when everything is said and done, but our work is and that is a representation of ourselves and our services. So hone away and develop the creative advertising muscle.