How AppleSavvy Can Help You Break Into the Mobile Arena

Today I had yet another reminder of the growing popularity of mobile devices. A longtime client of DDA’s stopped by with an email question. Apparently, as he is often on the go, it is imperative that he receive important business emails on his portable device. What device did he own? If you guessed an iPhone, you’d be right. But it’s not just email business owners and consumers are using their phones, iPads, and MP3 players for. They use it to browse the web and shop and they use it for entertainment– from watching videos and social networking to playing games. In fact, this particular client expressed that since his purchase of the iPhone, he rarely sees the need to carry his laptop.

In short, mobile devices are kings of convenience and are quickly infiltrating the homes of Americans nationwide, changing how organizations and advertisers reach their target audiences. AppleSavvy, a mobile division of DDA, is standing by to lead the way into this profitable new segment of mobile marketing and advertising. From flash conversion to mobile application development and sms and mms marketing campaigns, we are the source to your mobile shortcomings.

How AppleSavvy Can Help You:

  • Mobile Website Design: Sure your website may be ideal for traditional web browsing but what about for mobile use? The graphic designers, custom programmers, and specialists of our mobile division can build a mobile version of your website for optimal portable device web browsing. Using browser detection technology, the appropriate site format will be seamlessly transmitted to the user for an easy-to-use and navigate web experience. From design lay out to functionality, AppleSavvy keeps your mobile market in mind for an end result that promises to exceed expectations.
  • Flash Website Conversions: Flash pervades the web in the forms of animation, video, and interactive banners and design elements, but when viewed on an Apple portable device such as an iPad or iPhone, users are left with nothing but an incompatibility message. With Apple device use increasing by the minute, it would be a grave mistake to leave Flash-based sites as is. AppleSavvy, with our extensive programming experience and design knowledge, efficiently and affordably convert Flash features into comparable formats that are compatible with the iPhone and iPad.
  • Application Development: Have a great idea for a mobile application but lack the know-how or resources to execute your vision? Problem solved. AppleSavvy designs, develops, and custom programs mobile applications for a variety of organizations and mobile devices, ranging from applications for the medical industry to entertaining game-based programs.

Contact AppleSavvy today to learn more: 215-355-6442