I’m Tired! Please Turn Off

Have you ever argued with your mind to keep quiet? I have. At night I often engage in battle: the tired body against the active brain. I am beginning to feel like the old woman living in the floor below, who bangs on the ceiling for peace and quiet. Hey brain, settle down and turn down the music why don’t you!

Unfortunately, my brain seems to be relentless and continues on with its constant mutterings. While I close my eyes and press angrily against the pillow, thoughts continue to flow. Ideas for corporate and medical video scripts flash by and project coordination tasks tabulate. There is no sleep to be had when thinking of creative and online copywriting or when contemplating the emails that need to be sent to clients regarding custom database and admin programming. So I try to drag my mind away to something less interesting, like sheep.

One sheep, two sheep, three sheep, four minute video script describing a new product launch. Dang-it! Five sheep, six sheep, seven more days until  a project deadline. Grrrr.

The mind wins! It’s a crafty thing.