Intranet: Finding Order

Today was a busy day. I spent at least three-quarters of it on the phone with clients, at a co-workers desk to discuss requested website updates and programming alterations, and time spent in lengthy meetings. The day whizzed by in a flash so much so that i found myself a bit flustered. I could be seen repeatedly undoing my pony-tail and re-fastening it, a tell-tale sign that I’m stressed.

Although the workload can be heavy at times, it is essential to find order in the flurry of productivity. When an existing client calls with a request, correct information must be conveyed to the appropriate graph design artist, animator, or programmer. Deadlines must be established and time monitored. On busy days, a single coordinator may be juggling ten different tasks and great care must be taken to ensure all client needs are addressed and resolved.

Thankfully for the team of creative copywriters who serve as project coordinators, an advanced Intranet system is in the works. Once complete this resource will serve as the central vein to all DDA functions. Contacts can be accessed in a flash, quotes can be generated, time traced, task lists tabulated-the list of functionality is too vast to explain, but trust me, the tool will be great and highly valuable. Our already lean production process will be trimmed and processes further streamlined. Plus our talented Senior Programmer and Director of Interactive Media are pulling the reigns of creation, ensuring the Intranet will work as promised and then some.

It’s exciting and I can’t wait to see it come to fruition.