It’s A Small World After All

I am very excited! Tomorrow I will be going to New York City to see my favorite band, Muse. While researching train schedules, I saw a familiar name. The train station’s parking garage is operated by one of DDA’s clients. In fact, last year we launched an interactive website that features a number of engaging features, including a flash animation, an alert RSS feed, as well as  garage-specific directions and pricing. I guess it is a small world after all. Actually, a better way to describe it is a large reach for a small company.

Though to outsiders our staff of twenty-some associates may seem tiny when compared to large marketing and advertising agencies, are capabilities are anything but. From website development and custom programming to search engine optimization and professional medical animations, you’ll find it hard to identify a digital technology we have not yet mastered. And as time passes, our capabilities increase. Come to us this time next year and I am certain our service listing will have increased exponentially. It’s just the DDA way.