It’s the Little Things

The other day I saved my brother’s birds from impending doom. Our cat Nemo had made his way into the room in which the five cockatiels were situated outside of their cages (Yes I said five, but that’s a whole other story). I was downstairs making rice when I heard god-awful screeches followed by a loud boom. I then ran up the stairs only to find one of the birds under the paws of Nemo. Luckily for the bird, Nemo is declawed so aside from some stress, all five cockatiels emerged from the situation free of harm. Apparently when Adam shut the door, a wire got stuck in the door’s hinge causing it to pop back open, leaving the birds subject to Nemo’s advances. It really wasn’t any one’s fault, but the end result could have very well been far from pleasant.

It is these little things that are unexpected and unanticipated that can deliver the hardest blows. That is why every project at our full-service marketing and advertising agency goes through rigorous rounds of testing. In fact, a complex programming project will get picked over by several sets of eyes to ensure the little things are fixed. This attention to detail is what DDA Medical’s clients expect and what they deserve and we are happy to meet expectations by delivering reliable eLearning programs, interactive websites, and much more to our valued client-base.