Joining the Bandwagon

As tomorrow is Thanksgiving, I will join the bandwagon and state what I am thankful for this year. On the top of the list is my family and friends. Throughout the years they have always been there, supporting me when I lacked strength and confidence, sharing with me the good times and bad, and just in general, being great people.

I am also thankful for my co-workers. I appreciate the working relationships we have forged, from shared lunch-breaks with Laura to warm smiles from Debbie, I enjoy walking through the doors of our full-service advertising agency each day largely because of these people.  And it’s not just about their great personalities, it’s also about their work ethic. Just take a look through our portfolios and you will quickly come to the conclusion that we value our work. From search engine optimized website development to complex corporate and medical eLearning programs, the staff of DDA injects each project with their expertise and commitment to quality. And lastly, I am thankful for our clients. Because of you the graphic artists, custom programmers, video technicians, animators, and creative copywriters can do what they love.