Just In Time Advertising

Just In Time (JIT) is an inventory strategy used by many manufacturers to increase return on investment. Like the name implies, production occurs exactly when it is needed; not sooner, not later. This means less expense in resources and less loss of potential profit caused by over- or under-production. It is a term I’ve encountered quite often while conducting research for a contract manufacturer of precision parts and components. With such tight timeframes to work within, there is no room for error. Precision components must be produced to exact specifications or else sacrifice a project’s deadline. As this particular company operates on a foundation of quality and customer satisfaction, great care is given to every project they undertake. Their solid reputation lets clients know work will not only be completed on time, but completed well.

JIT productions apply not only to the manufacturing realm but the creative world too. What good is a corporate video production, search engine optimized website, or custom designed brochure if it sits unused and underutilized? Not much and this is why DDA pushes to move projects along in terms of development. Not only is it good for us in terms of revenue, but it is good for our clients when our custom tailored advertising efforts effectively perform.We embrace tight deadlines and like our client who specialize in precision manufacturing, we strive for perfection to yield fast production speeds and satisfaction.