Keeping Cool Under Stress

This past weekend I helped my cousin, Heather, move. What makes her situation especially stressful is the fact that she is 9-months pregnant and scheduled for a c-section tomorrow. On top of all this, she has two little ones to take care of throughout the trials and tribulations of the move. Despite what would seem like many roadblocks, I received a call yesterday, that for the most part, she is unpacked and ready to welcome the new baby. All I have to say is that I’m impressed. During Saturday’s move, Heather could be found unpacking boxes, making lunch for the workers, and directing the placement of furniture. Never once did she lose her cool knowing a huge task lied before her and her husband as well as a looming delivery. Somehow, it all got done… a testament to the power of will and family.

At DDA, there are times when a deadline may seem impossible but like the above mentioned story, the work gets done. Our team of video technicians, custom programmers, web designers, copywriters, and SEO specialists give it their all to ensure our clients satisfaction.  After it’s all finished, we can look back and marvel at what we accomplished within a tight time constraint.