Keyword Jumble

As a creative and online copywriter, the majority of my job deals with the crafting of search engine optimized content. In order to compete for a spot on the first pages of major search engines like Google, you need content. I know, I know…you’re thinking content? No one reads any more! Though this fact may be true and the majority of web users are all about aesthetics and flash features, they’ll never find you without a solid search engine marketing campaign. And at DDA, we shine brightly in this arena.

It starts with research. Our SEO specialist and web developers will delve into user search patterns to identify the keywords people are using to find your product or service. From there, we construct site menu structures and content plans using these keywords as a base. The more competitive the market, the greater the number of search engine optimized pages.

Then it’s up to the creative copywriters to work their magic and it’s no simple feat. With 20-50 or more keywords that need to be integrated into a single page, it’s very easy to produce copy that looks more like code than a well-crafted piece of content. But we strike the delicate balance between optimization and art. Our goal? To get you to the top but in a way that maintains readability.

After the copy is finished, our tireless SEO specialists perform monthly tweaks that continue your site’s ascension to the first pages of search engines.

Yes, at DDA we have a proven and solid plan set in place so trust us for your search engine optimization endeavors.