Keyword Research

Depending on the size of your website, it is possible to target hundreds if not thousands of keywords as each page of search engine optimized content is structured around a list of universal, secondary, and focused keywords. But how do you determine the words to target? The answer is through research.DDA’s SEO specialists and creative SEO copywriters dedicate their efforts toward this very task. We first request a list of seed words from the client and then carryout research to determine the top-ranked variations of these seed word to use for maximum traffic generation. We then pass this expanded list onto the client for prioritization and once received, develop a detailed content plan outlining the keywords to be used on every page of the website.From here, our website copywriters craft dozens of pages of search engine optimized content using these very keywords to drive traffic to your website. If it sounds complicated, it is, but don’t worry. The pros at DDA Medical, DDA Corp, DDA Interactive, DDA USA, DDA SEM, DDA Video, and DDA APPS have you covered. Contact us to learn more.