Little Steps

Yesterday I had slotted for myself the task of Christmas decorating but I was lured outdoors by the unseasonably warm temperatures and sunny skies. Instead of lugging box after box of ornaments and trinkets from the attic into our family room and living room, I decided to wash my car instead. So tonight when I come home from work, I will start the decorating process. I  am actually looking forward to it. As I usually tackle this task in one day, I can do a little at a time, making the process less overwhelming. Tonight I plan on decorating the dining room and tomorrow, the living room, and Wednesday the family room. By next Friday, the Massinger house should be decked out with Christmas decorations and ready to accept the tree. So with a little bit of discipline and scheduling, a big task will be divided into a series of little tasks and easily completed over a span of a few days.

At DDA and our seven divisions, we are all about taking incremental steps to accomplish a goal. Whether we are creating a medical brochure with custom content or a programmed eLearning platform complete with DDA developed medical animation simulations, we take well-planned steps to work towards the finished end product. This process not only ensures smooth development but quality as clients can approve and tweak each aspect of the project as development progresses forward.