Living up to expectations

In yesterday’s blog I discussed the enjoyment I gained visiting a client in their own environment. Upon entering their suite, I was impressed. The surroundings were clean, the atmosphere quiet, and the workers walked quickly about with purpose. While waiting for our meeting, something strange caught my eye. An aquarium equipped with  fake coral and fake fish. Two plastic Nemos were carefully perched in the aquatic arrangement and I knew in that instant that this company had a sense of humor. This impression was confirmed after meeting the company’s VP. While very professional, he injected humorous anecdotes throughout our meeting, affirming my initial impression.

These initial judgments occur whether we’d like them to or not and are very important to the establishment and any business relationship.  For instance, while seated in the conference room awaiting the start of the discussion, Laurence, our director of interactive media, noted the client’s company logo. It was simple but brought across a strong message which was the careful combination of elements into a single, solid unit. After learning more about their services, their choice in logo seemed even more clear. To deliver on their promise of quality, they sought and combined the appropriate services for guaranteed results.

Though servicing a different market, DDA shares in this philosophy. We offer a slew of quality advertising and training solutions but never force them on our clients for the highest buck. We carefully select the approach that will achieve their goals and work best for their organization. Whether it be a search engine optimized website or promotional video, DDA’s major concern is with our client’s satisfaction and success.