Made to Last

Like many people, the Friday after Thanksgiving marked the start of Christmas decorating in the Massinger family household.  After lugging the seemingly endless supply of boxes and Tupperware totes that contain the many trinkets we’ve accumulated over the years, I began the long process of unwrapping each ornament. My favorite definitely has to be a manger set my Mom and Dad made together; he pouring the molds and she painstakingly painting them. Made during their first year as husband and wife, the manger set is now 32 years old. Aside from a missing donkey ear, the set looks immaculate.

What does this have to do with digital advertising? The answer is simple. When done with care and love, a project will hold great value and lasting quality. Every project we undertake here at DDA-no matter how big or small- matters to the team of professional graphic designers, creative copywriters, custom programmers, and corporate and medical videographers.   We take  pride in our work and dedicate the time and energy needed to make a project truly great. Our hope is to achieve a medical training tool, video, or custom website that like my parents manger set, is invaluable and useful to our clients for years into the future.