Making Friends with my New Neighbor

As I am sure all Pennsylvanians know, Fall is the season of Stink Bugs. These little critters migrate indoors and make a home for themselves in warm houses. As I possess an innate fear for almost all bugs–minus the lady bug, she’s cool with me–I’ve taken extreme measures at home to protect my sanity and preserve sleep by keeping the stink bugs out. How do you ask? Blue painters’ tape. All possible entryways have been securely sealed. If it has a crack, I’ve taped it. Doorjambs, window crevices, suspicious looking wall holes, I’m taking no chances–my orange-walled room is now accented with blue tape. Hey, at least they are complimentary colors.

Unfortunately I can’t carry-out my tape enthusiasm here at DDA and the Stink bugs have taken a liking to the writer’s room. Currently, I’ve resorted to sitting in the dark as it seems the little guys are drawn to light. Despite my many tactics, a run in is unavoidable so I am attempting to tolerate my six-legged neighbor. In fact, I let one perch on the receiver of my phone today. All seemed well until he unexpectedly made a bee-line– or should I say stink-line–towards my head. Excuse me Mr. Stink Bug, if this arrangement is going to work, you are going to have to respect my personal bubble. You stay in your corner and I’ll stay in mine, otherwise the dreaded tissue will be coming your way!

Bug fears aside, work is continuing on at our busy full-service advertising agency. It has been a week of extreme ups and downs. Many of us our trying to squelch the excitement of the long-awaited Philadelphia sports triumph–Go Phillies!–and all are sending warm thoughts and prayers to a DDA staff member for the loss of a loved one, but despite the many events, a constant is the continuous work-flow. Content development, graphic designs, and advanced programming continue on at their normal pace. As always, our client’s needs are our first priority and work must and will continue on.