Making It Happen

Last night our staff conducted another on-location webinar in Detroit, Michigan. The doctor, a specialist in hepatology, delivered his presentation flawlessly and I am proud to report that from a technical standpoint, our video and programming staff completed the task in true DDA form–exceptionally. But this is not to say the event didn’t go off without its bumps and a lot of effort and a bit of ingenuity. Though we met with hotel staff before the event to go over things like Internet connection, room setup, and equipment components, something did rear its ugly head. Last week in Denver, it was a loud HVAC system, this week, it was an oddly shaped room. Instead of the room having four walls, it has six and thus resulted in strange acoustics. Our staff and client quickly sprung into action to arrive at a solution. What was it? Drapery. Yes, DDA took a cue from Gone with the Wind but instead of crafting a stylish dress, they made a fort of sorts to reduce feedback and yield a smooth presentation.

This ability to handle hiccups is what distinguishes a mediocre medical marketing and advertising agency from an exceptional one and at DDA, we have no shortage of perseverance. Actually, I am fairly certain the word “no” or “it can’t be done” does not exist in our staff’s vocabulary.